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10 Great Outdoor Patio Ideas To Give Your Patio New Life

Is your outdoor patio looking a little tired? Are you a little tired of the way your patio looks? Breathe new life into your old patio by trying one or more of these outdoor patio design ideas.

1. Choose a new hue.
Color affects our mood, so if the look of your patio has you seeing red or feeling blue, it’s time to try a new hue. Pillows, cushions and accessories are available in virtually every color, and they are an easy and affordable way to add color to your patio.  Luckily, because we live in Florida, patio accessories are available mostly year-round.

2. Get in at the ground floor with patio pavers.
If your concrete patio is cracking, crumbling, ugly or just plain boring, consider revitalizing it with patio pavers. With so many sizes, shapes and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a look that you’ll love.  Here’s another article design to help choosing which patio pavers work best for you?

3. Find a new favorite chair.
New patio furniture will quickly refresh your outdoor living space. Whether you focus on creating a specific look or make comfort your main priority, a new favorite chair will make your patio a more pleasant place to unwind.

4. Go with the flow with a water feature.
Anyone who has spent time at the beach enjoying the Florida sun knows that the rhythmic sound of moving water can be mesmerizing. Adding a water feature like a fountain or waterfall will freshen up your patio and delight your senses.

5. Get cooking with an outdoor kitchen.
Who wants to waste a beautiful afternoon indoors slaving over a hot stove? An outdoor kitchen allows you to make the most of a sunny day and still feed your family and friends a healthy meal.  It quickly becomes a focal point of your patio design.

6. Embrace a theme.
Do you love the beach? Decorate your patio with natural fibers, pale pastels and beachy neutrals to bring a bit of the shore to your backyard. Do you prefer the garden? Scatter floral motifs. Use colors, textures and other special touches to embrace a theme and transform your patio into your favorite place.

7. Light it up.
Brighten up your patio with new lighting fixtures. They’ll add light and character, making your patio a safer, more usable space.

8. Take a spin with a ceiling fan.
If you have a covered patio, install a ceiling fan. With so many styles to choose from, ceiling fans are a fantastic way to beat back the Florida heat and add a pop of personality.

9. Keep the home fires burning with a fire pit.
Even in Florida, the evenings can get chilly. Adding a fire pit will provide extra warmth and light, extending the time that you can use your patio comfortably.   Quite honestly, who needs a chilly evening to enjoy a fire pit.  There is something about being mesmerized with the dancing flames.

10. Create an outdoor room with a screen enclosure.
Would you like to enjoy your backyard without worrying about common nuisances like bugs and debris? Installing a screen enclosure protects your space while still providing access to the delights of the outdoors.   Here are the top 7 advantages of a screen enclosure.

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