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5 Main Factors that Determine a Patio Enclosure Cost

Patio Enclosure Cost

Upgrading your home with a patio screen room allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without enduring the drawbacks, including pests and poor weather. Before you talk to a screened patio enclosure contractor, however, it’s a good idea to understand the factors that will affect your patio enclosure cost. These factors can include the size of the enclosure, the materials used and any special amenities.

1.  The Size of the Patio Enclosure
Of course, it makes sense that a larger patio project will cost more money in materials and labor than a small enclosure. Depending on your budget, adjusting the size of the enclosure can help you save some money. However, don’t cut down on the size too much; if you don’t have enough space in your enclosure to use it comfortably, you probably won’t use it much at all. Keep in mind, this is also an investment in our home.  Make sure there is enough room to use it properly as well as adding to the resale value of your home.

2.  Patio Enclosure Materials
You might think there aren’t many options when it comes to the materials used in your screened in patio. However, there are a number of different screen materials available to suit your needs. For example, if you have pets, you might want to invest in special Phifer Pet Screen designed to withstand the claws of your pets. This type of screening material will cost more than regular screen, but the product is durable and will last for many years against the claws of your precious pets. If your backyard is short on privacy, you can opt for privacy screens so that you can enjoy your patio without your neighbors seeing you.

See the types of Phifer Screens we offer.

3.  Patio Enclosure Roofing Options
One of the more significant patio enclosure cost features is a roof.  If you’re not planning to extend an existing patio beyond your home’s roof, you won’t need to worry about covering the enclosed patio. If you’re adding a new screened in patio that is not under your existing roofline or enlarging the current one, however, you will need to choose a patio roof design option. There are three options when adding a patio enclosure roof.

  1. Match your home’s roof with shingles. Some homeowners opt to use roofing material that matches their home’s roof.
  2. You can also have an insulated aluminum patio roof installed to protect the inside of your enclosure. Structall is the leader in insulated roofing materials.  An insulated roof will cost you less money than a traditional shingle initially, but the material is not likely to last as long as a roof.
  3. Finally, you can also choose to have a cover constructed with screens.

As you can guess, each option will vary the cost of your screened patio enclosure roof.

4.  Flooring
If you’re choosing to have a new structure built or expanding a current patio, you’ll need to choose a material for the surface. Pavers and poured concrete are two options that provide excellent durability. Concrete floors are the standard, but homeowners upgrade to patio pavers.  Pavers in particular offer a range of colors and design options to help create a unique look.

5.  Extra Amenities
Adding special features to your project will affect the final patio screen enclosure cost. For example, some homeowners choose to have patio enclosure windows installed. You can keep the windows closed to maintain a comfortable temperature on warm days or open the windows to enjoy the fresh air during a cooler day. Other extra features to consider include ceiling fans for comfort and skylights for more natural light. It all adds up.

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If you’re thinking about adding a screened patio enclosure to your home, understanding the factors that affect the cost is a good place to start. Dulando Screen & Awning builds custom high-quality screen patio enclosures for Florida residents. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to learn how we can upgrade your patio with an enclosure.