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5 Signs You Might Need a Pool Enclosure Replacement

Pool Enclosure Replacement

Humid weather, blustery days and blazing sunshine are all part of our Florida lifestyle.  But they are also all enemies of your pool screen enclosure, potentially causing enough damage that a screen repair or replacement is needed. As a homeowner, you might wonder how to determine best if you need a full pool enclosure replacement or a simple repair job. A few critical factors, including any potential moving plans, may make a total replacement the better financial decision than a repair.

Pool Enclosure Replacement Considerations:

Age of the Pool Enclosure Screens

Although screens are built to last, they aren’t expected to endure forever. The passage of time and constant exposure to the elements will damage and weaken your screens eventually. Repairs can help prolong the life of the screens, but replacement may be a better option if the screens are already past their expected lifetime. The lifespan of a pool screen enclosure depends on the quality screen initially installed.  The average lifespan is from 10-12 years.  If your screened pool enclosure uses a heavy duty screen, then you can expect almost 20 years.  Depending on the age of your current pool enclosure, a full replacement will help you avoid costly pool screen repairs that only delay the inevitably necessary replacement.

Long-term Plans for Your Home
Thinking about how long you want to continue living in your home is a determining factor in deciding whether to repair individual screens or go with a full pool enclosure replacement.  If you’re planning to sell your home within the next few years, a simple pool screen repair will probably be sufficient to keep your screens in an acceptable condition for your home’s sale. If you have no plans to sell, however, paying for a replacement now may be a better investment for your money. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the investment.

The Unsightly Appearance of Algae
In the humid weather of Florida, algae is not an unusual sight. Once algae take hold on your pool enclosure screen, however, it’s difficult to remove. This green substance will continue to grow, leaving you with an eyesore. Trying to replace only the affected screens may not solve the problem; algae spores are pervasive and challenging to remove. In most cases, it’s better to start over with a full replacement and strive to keep the new enclosure free of algae through regular cleaning.

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Extensive Damage Requires Rescreening Pool Enclosure

Minor damage to the screens of your pool enclosure can often be repaired, primarily when the damage is limited to a single screen. Severe damage, such as that caused by windstorms, may require thorough repair work. If the damage is spread across multiple screens and the frame, a full rescreening or replacement may be more economical.

Changing Needs for Your Family
When you bought the home, your screened pool enclosure may have served your needs just fine, but your household has changed, such as having children or adopting a dog, may require you to rethink your enclosure. Pets can cause damage to a basic style screen, forcing you to spend money on constant repairs. Opting for a pet screen strong enough to withstand the destructive nature of pets and small children can help you save money. If bugs are interrupting your pool parties, you can upgrade your enclosure with a screen specially built to keep pesky bugs at bay.  Depending on the age of your current pool enclosure, screen technology has changed.

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Keeping your pool enclosure in good shape helps protect your pool and enhance your enjoyment of your backyard. If you need a full pool enclosure replacement for your New Smyrna Beach home, contact DuLando Screen & Awning at 407-862-6060 for more information about our services.