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7 Top Must-Haves When Building a Patio Screen Enclosure

patio screen enclosure

As the patio screen enclosure contractor finalizes plans for your screened in porch, you’ve already made the big decisions. You’ve thought out window and door placement, carefully chosen materials and settled on a roof and ceiling type. Now, it’s time to focus on the details.

Don’t forget about these seven must-haves when building a  patio screen enclosure.  It’s easier to consider them before construction than afterward.

1. Stylish Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans quietly circulate fresh air through a screened patio enclosure adding to your personal comfort. They also reflect your personal decorating style with blades that can feature ornate detailing or traditional palm leaf designs. Model options include a propeller, directional and rotational fans, and many fixtures operate with remote controls.

2. Plenty of Light
Ceiling fans can pull a double duty as light fixtures. Other popular ideas for illuminating a screened in porch include suspended string lights, overhead track lighting and wall-mounted lanterns and sconces. Battery-powered LED table lamps and tea lights are also bright additions to a patio screen enclosure.

3. Extra Electrical Outlets
This is always the major feature that is overlooked by homeowners when building a new screen patio enclosures.  The built-in convenience of additional electrical outlets will create more flexibility in how you set up your patio screen enclosure area.  Extra outlets make it easy to back up barbecue fun with blenders for margaritas and warmers for tortillas.

4. Outdoor Entertainment
Aluminum screen enclosures are awesome for entertaining.  However, don’t forget that additional outlets also come in handy for setting up entertainment centers. Television sets manufactured for outdoor use can be expensive. Consider dedicating an area for a regular flat screen when weather and temperatures permit. Outdoor sound systems are an affordable entertainment idea too, and they’re usually easy to install.

5. Your Decorative Touch
Take advantage of softly screened sunshine with low-light plants brimming from oversized containers and ivy or fern trailing from hanging baskets. Use area rugs to keep things comfortable underfoot, fill wicker shelving with your favorite things, and turn your enclosed porch or patio into a special haven with your distinctive decorative touch.

6. Versatile Dining Space
Even a small screened porch has room for a comfy table and several chairs. An outdoor dining area has plenty of potential for work and play. Use your extra outlets to convert the area into a refreshing, outdoor office space for a couple of hours. Settle around the table for cool evenings with friends playing board or card games.

7. Favorite Creature Comforts
Have you always wanted to sway into naps with a hammock? Set up a swinging floor model. Do sunsets look better when you’re stretched out? Treat yourself to a lazy lounger. Patio screen enclosures create a space that deserves your favorite indulgences, so spoil yourself with creature comforts that turn the porch into a relaxing getaway.

We can build your patio screen enclosure, but these ideas will help you turn that patio into your cozy space.

We look forward to helping you plan finishing touches for your new screened porch. We’re proud of our work building patio screen enclosures that become lifetime additions to homes all around Florida. Give Dulando Screen & Awning a call today at 407-862-6060, and let us make a beautiful difference around your house.