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Aluminum Awnings vs. Canvas Awnings

Canvas Awnings

Adding an awning to your home is a good way to protect your home’s doors and windows while adding an attractive accent piece. In addition, awnings provide constant shade from the heat of the sun, an urgent necessity for any Florida home. Aluminum awnings are a common choice, but you might be considering fabric or canvas awnings as well. Before you make your choice, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both types of awnings. Although all awnings will provide functional shade, you need to consider the cost, durability and maintenance differences between fabric and aluminum before adding an awning to your home.

Aluminum patio awnings are built to last for years, especially when cared for properly. Unlike the fabric material used for canvas awnings, aluminum will not tear or shred except in extreme weather. The elements are common foes for canvas awnings; when water accumulates, mold may grow and cause unsightly stains. Wind storms and other weather events can also impact the longevity of a fabric awning. Over time, damage from the weather may require the homeowner to replace the fabric of the awning.

Aluminum Awnings generally cost less than fabric awnings. Due to the longevity of aluminum, the awnings are expected to survive for many years, making them a sound financial investment. No matter which awning you install, however, you can expect some benefit on your cooling costs during the summer. These  savings on your utility bills can help defray the costs of installing your awnings.

Maintenance Considerations
Although all choices for your home and deck awnings require some maintenance, aluminum requires the least repair work. Precipitation does not accumulate on aluminum patio awnings and debris is easy to remove by hosing the awning with water or sweeping it with a broom. Issues with fabric awnings, such as a hole, may require the entire fabric to be replaced. Having to replace the fabric repeatedly can make fabric awnings a hassle. Not to mention the eye sore it becomes until it can be replaced.

Withstanding Stormy Weather
An aluminum awning is strong enough to withstand most storm and wind damage, an important consideration when selecting a patio awning for any Florida home. Fabric awnings are not strong enough to take the brunt of a major storm and must be removed prior to a storm’s arrival to prevent irreparable damage. ¬†You may not be home to think about it if a storm hits in the summer afternoons.

Style Choices
Fabric awnings do provide a wide range of style options; you can choose between many different colors and prints for your awning. However, selecting a custom color can add to the final costs of your awning package. Aluminum does not have as many color options, but it’s not hard to find a color that will match your home’s exterior. In addition, aluminum awnings offer a clean and classic look that can blend in well with a variety of home styles.

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