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Aluminum Carports vs. Metal Carports: Which is Better in Florida

Aluminum Carports

Both metal and aluminum carports have their advantages. Which is better? More importantly to those who call the Sunshine State home, which is better in Florida? When deciding between metal and aluminum carports, you’ll want to consider the following factors.

There’s a reason Superman is called the man of steel. Steel is incredibly strong. In fact, a piece of steel is twice as strong as a comparable piece of aluminum. This can be a compelling feature in areas where snow and ice tend to weigh down roofs during the winter months. However, that argument doesn’t carry much weight in Florida with our warmer climates. When it comes to carports, aluminum has enough muscle to do the job. Regarding strength, a carport cover crafted from either steel or aluminum will perform well in Florida.

Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion. Steel isn’t. It rusts more quickly when exposed to moisture unless covered with a special protective coating. If you live on the Florida coast, you also need to consider the salt air coming inland from the ocean.  If that protective layer is compromised on a metal carport by dings or scratches, rust is likely to occur. The Florida coast is known for high humidity, and frequent rains are merely facts of life. Since metal carports constructed from steel are more vulnerable to these elements, anyone building a carport on the coast will likely find that aluminum is the better choice.

Hardness is a significant consideration when you’re talking about durability. Steel is a harder metal than aluminum, so it’s better able to resist dents. However, since rust can compromise the structural integrity of metal, corrosion-resistance can’t be discounted. As noted above, aluminum wins when it comes to fending off the rust. If durability is your primary concern, steel and aluminum each have their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll need to weigh the matter carefully and decide which best suits your needs.

To keep metal carports at their best, you’ll need to regularly inspect them for scratches or dings and repair any damaged areas promptly to avoid corrosion. Since aluminum is naturally rust-resistant, this eagle-eyed maintenance routine isn’t necessary with aluminum carport awnings. For Floridians who prefer to spend their time on other things, low-maintenance aluminum carports are a smart choice.

The cost of the materials used in its construction is a significant influence on the price of a carport. Steel is less expensive than aluminum. Therefore, it costs less to build a steel carport than a comparable aluminum one. However, an aluminum carport might still be the better value. Since Florida’s steamy weather is likely to shorten the lifespan of a steel carport, you may need to replace it sooner. In the long term, an aluminum carport is likely to offer you more for your money.

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