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Aluminum Patio Covers vs. Wood Patio Covers vs. Alumawood Patio Covers

Aluminum patio covers

The Florida sunshine is gorgeous, but it can be unforgiving. That’s why many Floridians choose to add a bit of shelter to their patios by installing a patio cover. These popular features can keep the space pleasantly shady, reducing both the temperature there and your worries about sunburn. What type of patio roof works best? To find out, you’ll want to explore the pros and cons of the top three patio covers:  aluminum patio covers, wood patio covers and Alumawood patio covers.

Aluminum Patio Covers

PROS: Affordable, durable and stylish, aluminum is an option worth considering when you’re interested in installing a covered porch or patio. Lightweight but strong, aluminum naturally resists corrosion and insect damage. An aluminum patio roof won’t crack or warp. Plus, it requires little in the way of maintenance to remain in tip-top condition.

CONS: However, aluminum does tend to conduct and retain heat. As a result, it may not offer as much cooling power as other materials. In addition, many people feel that aluminum lacks wood’s warmth and visual interest.

Wood Patio Covers

When people start discussing patio cover ideas, the use of wood is almost certain to come up. After all, it’s hard to beat the beauty of wood.

PROS: It’s an attractive, sturdy material that lends a natural, timeless feel to a space. Plus, with so many types of wood to choose from such as cedar, the results of using this material are extremely customizable.

CONS: While you can see wood’s appeal, it does have its weaknesses. It’s more vulnerable to damage from common environmental hazards like wind, water, sun and insects than aluminum. It also requires more work to maintain a wood patio cover.

Alumawood Patio Covers

What if you want the durability of aluminum and the beauty of wood? It’s possible to enjoy the best of both materials thanks to an innovative product called Alumawood.

PROS: An embossed aluminum building product, Alumawood is made in the United States. It delivers all the benefits of aluminum and the appealing look of natural wood, so it’s a great choice for patio covers. Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, it can be used to create a custom patio and porch covers of practically any size or shape. Who wants to spend time working on their patio cover when they could be relaxing beneath it? With an Alumawood patio cover, you can get the look you crave without the need to devote hours of your priceless free time to maintenance chores.

CONS:  The only downside is the price.  Alumawood typically cost about 25% more than wood, but will last longer and has less maintenance.

Do you find the notion of enhancing your outdoor living space with a covered patio or porch intriguing? Let Dulando Screen & Awning help you explore the possibilities.

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