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Four Practical Pool Privacy Ideas That Deliver Style and Function

pool privacy

Do you stretch out by the pool wondering what the neighbors think about your choice in bathing attire? Or maybe, have you ever wished that your view included less of their backyard? It’s hard to relax in your personal backyard oasis when you feel open to the world. You deserve seclusion, and these four pool privacy ideas deliver with style and function.

1. Soften the View With a Privacy Screen Enclosure – Wouldn’t it be great if passing eyes couldn’t see in, and that’s just one advantage of a pool privacy screen enclosure. This type of pool enclosure gives you a sense of security from the outside world without shutting everything out. Sunlight and fresh air filter through, so you enjoy coastal nature at its best. As an added bonus, leaves and bugs don’t interrupt your downtime, the pool stays cleaner, and you can unwind knowing that the neighbors can’t see which book you’re reading settled into your chaise lounge. Ask us about Phifer Glas-Shield as a way to keep nosy neighbors out of your business.

2. Turn Pergolas Into Escapes – One is a lovely addition to the backyard, but two double up the beauty around your pool with areas ideal for ducking the sun. Placement is the key to privacy with these pretty structures when their location blocks sight lines across your property line. Drapes of ivy climbing up their walls turn pergolas into private escapes disguised as attractive outdoor hideaways gracing the landscape.  See FAQs about Building a Pergola

3. Install Friendly Privacy Fencing – You don’t have to build an intimidating security fence to enjoy a sense of privacy around the backyard pool. The right combination of style and materials protect the view from and onto your property without it feeling like a stockade. Talk to a screen and enclosure contractor about fence designs with lattice tops, shadow box posting or arbor gateways. Professionally designed privacy fencing protects your outdoor getaway with good looks that add to your property’s value.

4. Hush Whispers With Water Features – The sound of a flowing fountain soothes the soul, and it also acts as natural background noise that keeps conversations from being overheard. Your neighbors surely don’t eavesdrop, but a waterfall splashing into the pool muffles casual backyard chat. A combination of water features and a pool privacy screen also spare your ears from noisy parties next door.

You probably don’t worry about the paparazzi peeking into your backyard life, but everyone deserves a little privacy. Dulando Screen & Awning specializes in solutions that create secluded retreats without walling off the rest of the world. We’re happy to share beautiful backyard privacy ideas that suit your property, lifestyle and budget. Contact us at 407-862-6060 or fill out our online form to speak to a design consultant. Our estimates are always free!