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Preparing your backyard for an aluminum screen enclosure

aluminum screen enclosure

You’ve chosen the perfect screen enclosure for your pool or patio. You’ve selected a reputable contractor that you trust to do the job with top-quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. The permits are in order. Everything is ready for the screen room installation of your new pool or patio aluminum screen enclosure.  Now what?

Before you sit down, prop your feet up and start daydreaming about enjoying your new screened patio enclosure, take a look at your backyard. Then, consider your household. Are they ready? The following checklist discusses seven areas that homeowners need to include in their preparations for the installation of their new screen porch enclosure.

1. Entry
Installers can’t build your new patio or pool aluminum screen enclosure if they can’t gain entry to the location. Are security systems set to allow the installers to access the property? Are there gates or other barriers that need to be opened?

2. Landscaping
Lush and full, landscaping can definitely add beauty to your backyard. It can also get in the way. Has your landscaping been trimmed so that installers have room to complete their task? Take steps to protect any plants that are especially fragile.

3.  Furniture and Lawn Decorations
The same furniture that allows you to enjoy your patio in comfort can become a major headache for a the screen enclosure contractor trying to build a patio enclosure. It’s best to remove as much furniture and decorations as possible to create a path for them as well as prevent damage to your furnishings.  If you are unable to move certain pieces, then cover them with plastic to protect them.

4. Power
Most screen enclosure companies use power tools and might need access to electrical outlets.  Make sure your exterior outlets are accessible so that installers can use them to run their power tools and other necessary equipment. Make sure all electrical outlets are available and accessible.

5. Neighbors
With the influx of workers, vehicles and materials, a construction project can cause a lot of commotion. Notifying neighbors who might be impacted in advance can help preserve a sense of goodwill in the community. Have you alerted your neighbors?

6. Pets
Many pets find having their home turned into a construction zone disturbing, and even those who aren’t bothered by the fuss should be kept away for their own safety. Can you arrange for your pets to stay with a friend or family member? Since most of the work will be performed outside, if you can’t relocate the pet for the duration of the project, then maybe cage them or keep in a separate room to keep their stress level down.

7.  Your Family
Construction zones are loud and busy. They can also be dangerous, especially if you are unfamiliar with their risks. Have you talked to your family so that they know what to expect? Have you made arrangements to keep small children safe and ensured that they won’t be anywhere near the work area? The goal of most aluminum screen enclosure companies is to keep everyone safe during a screen room installation. If children are used to playing in the backyard after school, please make other arrangements during a patio enclosure installation.

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we take pride in combining meticulous craftsmanship and an unswerving dedication to customer service in order to deliver a top-quality aluminum screen enclosure to customers throughout the New Smyrna Beach area. To learn more about the many benefits these structures can provide and explore our services, contact Dulando today at 407-862-6060 for a free estimate.