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Quality Construction for your Pool or Patio Screen Enclosure Installation

Screen Enclosure Installation

Putting an enclosure around your pool or patio can help keep it free of dirt, leaves, pollen, bugs, debris and other annoyances. However, before you begin soliciting bids for a screen enclosure installation, it’s important to know about the materials used in the construction of your enclosure. High-quality construction materials can help your enclosure stand up to the rigors of Florida’s hurricane-force winds and corrosive sea air.

All patio and screen enclosure companies should build according to Florida building code specification of engineering in each zoned area.  So depending on where you live in Florida, the building codes might be a bit different.  Make sure your chosen enclosure contractor is well versed in your area’s screen enclosure installation building code regulations.

Here are a few of the quality materials Dulando Screen & Awning build their patio or pool screen enclosures.

Stainless steel and wood are common building materials, but neither material is a good option for an outdoor screen enclosure construction material. Both materials are vulnerable to the elements, especially in the salty sea air around New Smyrna Beach. Dulando only uses aluminum framing for all pool and patio screen enclosure installation projects. Aluminum has many qualities that make it an ideal material for patio and pool screen enclosures; it’s cost-effective, strong, light, environmentally friendly and resistant to corrosion.

Aluminum Panels
If you’re adding an enclosure around your porch or patio, you might need to extend the roofline of your home. Insulated aluminum panels are an ideal choice for the roofing material, and at DuLANDO we use high-quality Structall insulated panels to build the roofs for our pool and patio screen enclosures. The built-in insulation helps keep your patio cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and it helps to muffle the sounds of Florida’s summer rains. In addition, the panels come in a variety of styles and finishes to fit the style of any home. We can even install shingles on these panels to help them blend in with your current roof.

The quality of the fasteners is an important consideration when constructing an outdoor enclosure. Zinc fasteners are common and inexpensive, but they are quite vulnerable to corrosion. Stainless steel is another popular material; it’s less vulnerable to corrosion, but stainless steel will still rust with enough exposure to Florida’s salty air. There’s also a more expensive premium-grade stainless steel fastener, but even these fasteners aren’t immune to corrosion. In addition, premium stainless steel is a soft alloy, and the heads of the fasteners are often damaged while they’re being screwed down.

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Of course, there’s more to a high-quality pool enclosure installation than the materials used. At Dulando, we provide the experience and expertise to bring out the best in every enclosure that we build. Our goal is to create a patio or pool enclosure that will fit your backyard and complement your home.

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