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Commercial Patio Enclosures

balcony screen enclosuresWith Florida’s gorgeous views and pleasant climate, providing a place where your customers can savor the beauty of the outdoors while being shielded from annoyances like insects and inclement weather is simply good business.

Commercial patio enclosures and other types of balcony screen enclosures offer an affordable way to get more usable space. In fact, these clever additions can make your business facility more inviting and more flexible.

Providing your customers with additional options is a time-tested way to increase your company’s appeal and its bottom line. With a commercial screen enclosure, your clientele can spend time enjoying the delightful sights and sounds of the outdoors without worrying about weather or pest problems. A wide range of businesses can benefit from these screen enclosures, including:

  • Restaurants. Dining al fresco is something many people enjoy. Unfortunately, bad weather can leave seats on an exposed patio or sidewalk empty. Installing a commercial patio enclosure creates a sheltered space where customers can take pleasure in dining outside without worrying about dark clouds rolling in. It is also an affordable way to increase your seating so that you can serve more customers comfortably.
  • Multi-family housing. Residents of multi-famliy buildings may be willing to forgo the hassle of maintaining a yard. However, savvy landlords recognize that many of them still want a place to savor the sun and fresh air. Balcony screen enclosures for apartments are popular amenities. Adding these enclosures is a smart way to increase the appeal of the units in your building.
  • Hotels and resorts. Screen enclosures can offer guests attractive places to relax and unwind during their stay. Do you want a large, public space where your guests can mingle? A patio screen enclosure is a practical solution. Would you prefer to add private balconies that serve individual rooms? You can achieve this with balcony screen enclosures.
  • Event venues. When planning a special occasion, organizers often seek out venues that offer the chance to hold an outdoor event. However, they tend to prefer places that can also deliver an alternative if the weather doesn’t cooperate on their big day. Installing a commercial patio enclosure allows you to provide the best of both worlds.

Custom Commercial Patio Enclosures and Balcony Screen Enclosures

A family-owned and -operated firm serving Florida’s New Smyrna Beach area, Dulando Screen & Awning is committed to quality. Our custom commercial screen enclosures are:

  • Engineered to meet the specific needs of your location by a licensed engineer.
  • Constructed of high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers like Structall and Phifer.
  • Prefabricated at our production plant so that onsite installation is quickly completed.
  • Assembled by highly skilled professionals who take pride in delivering superior workmanship.