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Screen or Vinyl Porch Windows for Your Patio Enclosure

vinyl porch windows

A patio enclosure is a fantastic addition to your home that extends your living space and allows you to experience the beauty of the great outdoors more comfortably. These popular structures let you enjoy Florida’s fantastic weather while escaping common nuisances like insects, wind-blown debris and rain showers. Some homeowners elect to screen in their enclosure. Others choose to go with vinyl porch windows. Which option is right for you?

How do screen enclosures work?
With a screened patio enclosure, a woven fiberglass screen is used to enclose an existing porch or patio. If an additional structure is necessary, aluminum components are a handy solution. The screen does not block your view from the patio or the temperate breezes that feel so good. This type of enclosure also provides welcome shade, protection from the hot summer sun and a little privacy for those enjoying the patio.

How do vinyl patio enclosures work?
A vinyl porch enclosure is also known as a vinyl patio enclosure.  These types of porch enclosures are more like a “Florida Room” which keeps out bugs and debris. What makes it different? This type of porch enclosure also has a second layer of vinyl porch windows or panels that deliver extra protection from the elements. Two styles/shades – different colors of vinyl are available. Generally, you can slide the vinyl panels aside or pop them out to expose the screens and let air flow in. We can add clear vinyl windows to any covered patio or porch.

What about durability?
Today’s woven fiberglass screen offers some serious upgrades from past versions of this material. Screens are now available that block up to 65 percent of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays and keep out insects as small as pesky no-see-ums. Pet owners even have the option of selecting special screens that resist punctures and tears to prevent damage from cats, dogs and other animals. The vinyl panels used in patio enclosures are also tough. While they look like glass, they are much harder to break. If hit or distorted, these hardy panels will snap back to their original shape.

What about the weather?
While a screened patio enclosure will block the worst of the sun and offer some protection from the rain, it doesn’t keep out extreme heat or chilly temperatures. Rain has been known to penetrate the space around its perimeter. As a waterproof material, vinyl porch windows will keep precipitation out. It may also do a better job of insulating your patio from temperature swings, making it more comfortable when the weather is less than ideal.

Ultimately, screen and vinyl windows for porches are both great options for an enclosure.  However; the right material for your enclosure depends on your preferences and your budget. Serving central Florida for more than half a century, Dulando Screen & Awning is a trusted source of patio enclosures irregardless if you want vinyl porch windows. To learn more about these structures, contact us today.