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Swimming Pool Enclosure: What you need to know before buying

Swimming Pool Enclosure

If you’re having a swimming pool installed in your backyard, it’s a good idea to also think about the type of swimming pool enclosure you’d like to have. The right pool screen enclosure enhances the functionality and aesthetics of your pool, and a swimming pool enclosure secures access to your pool and prevents accidents. Before you install the first screened pool enclosure design that you see, however, it’s important to consider a number of factors.

Consider the Size

Screen pool enclosures are available in a full range of sizes, from low-profile enclosures that fit tightly around the outline of your pool to more expansive enclosures that offer entertaining spaces around the pool. Entertainment and social gatherings will require more space, but a pool that will be used primarily for exercise doesn’t need a large enclosure. Regardless of your preferred use, however, make sure that you make your screened pool enclosure large enough to accommodate all of the necessary equipment around your pool.

What’s the Condition of Your Pool Deck?

If you’re building a swimming pool enclosure around an existing pool, it’s a good idea to evaluate the condition of the existing pool deck.  If the decking around your pool is in poor condition, you may want to repair or replace the pool deck before having your enclosure installed. Once the enclosure is in place, it will be more difficult to access and repair the area around your pool. If your existing pool deck needs some attention, it’s a great time to consider pool deck pavers.

What Type of Screening Do You Want?

There are multiple types of screening available for your pool enclosure. Start by selecting a top-quality brand, such as Phifer screens; high-quality screens will last longer and carry an ironclad warranty in case something goes wrong. Next, consider the functionality of your screens. Pet screens can withstand abuse from pets and active children, solar screens can help block some of the rays of the sun, and insect screens are tightly woven to reduce the impact of pests on your pool.  Here’s a breakdown of Phifer screens available.

Shop for a Swimming Pool Enclosure Contractor

When it comes time to install your swimming pool enclosure, you want the best contractors working on your enclosure. Find your screen enclosure contractor before you set your heart on a particular design; your contractor will know what the practical options are for your pool and can help you make the best design decisions. By working closely with your contractor from the beginning, your installation will be as smooth as possible.

Prepare for Your Swimming Pool Enclosure Installation

Before you can have your enclosure installed, there are a number of steps you’ll need to take. You may need to obtain permission from your homeowner’s association for the enclosure’s design, and you may need to get a permit for the installation from your local government. The work site needs to be accessible for a variety of heavy equipment, and you’ll need to make arrangements to keep the work site safe for children and pets. Your contractor can guide you in making sure that you’re prepared for the installation. We’ve prepared a handy checklist for you.  Of course, Dulando will take care of all the permitting for you.

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