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Top 7 Pool Screen Enclosure Hurricane Protection Tips

Hurricane Protection Tips

Many people believe summer is the only season that Florida experiences. People who live here know that there’s another season that demands attention: hurricane season. The Sunshine State is often in the path of these destructive storms. That’s why hurricane protection tips are practically required reading for Floridians. Not only are we stocking up on water, food, medications and batteries, we also need to take steps to protect our property. How do you protect your pool screen enclosure in the event of a hurricane? Here are the top 7 hurricane protection tips for your pool screen enclosure.

1. Brace Your Screen Enclosure

You’ll need to wait until a storm is looming to put some pool screen enclosure hurricane protection tips to good use. However, others can be handled in advance. Using hurricane braces are a perfect example. When bad weather takes down pool screen enclosures, inadequate bracing is often to blame. Pool enclosure hurricane braces reinforce the structural integrity of the pool enclosure. Verifying that your pool cage has hurricane braces before a storm arrives can minimize damage.

2. Check Your Enclosure’s Hardware – Screws are small, but they can have a major effect when it comes to pool enclosure hurricane safety. Florida’s high humidity allows rust to flourish, and rusted fasteners leave a structure weak. Checking that your enclosure is built with corrosion-resistant fasteners is a simple way to ensure that it’s got the strength to survive nasty weather.

3. Maintain Your Landscaping
– Probably the most important of all the hurricane protection tips is this one. Dead trees, weak branches and fragile bushes are unlikely to survive an encounter with strong winds. Be proactive. At any time during the year, maintain your landscaping to decrease the chances that yard debris will tear through your screen enclosure.

4. Eliminate Potential Projectiles
– Strong winds can send things like planters, grills and patio furniture flying. Storing these items in a safe place when forecasters start calling for a severe storm prevents them from becoming dangerous projectiles. Do you have some things in your patio area that are too big to move? Consider locking them down in place with heavy-duty tie-downs or chains.

5. Create a Path of Least Resistance
– When gusts of wind come charging through, inviting them to take a particular path can limit the damage that they do in other areas. If a hurricane is expected, consider removing the doors or even some of the screen panels from your enclosure if its design allows for it. You’ll have to decide whether this is an option as the storm approaches.  By creating additional wind flow, this may help you avoid torn screens.

6. Prep the Pool
What about the pool that your screen enclosure surrounds? Keep it full to help it withstand the pressure of groundwater and wind. If you use chlorine, add an extra dose of this chemical to help the pool water fend off contamination from the storm.

7. Flip the Switch on the Pool Area –
It’s no secret that water and electricity don’t play nicely together. Heavy rains and flooding can send pool water surging into your pool’s systems. To reduce the risk of electric shock and equipment damage, turn off the breaker for your pool area before the hurricane hits.

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