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Turning a Patio into a Sunroom or Florida Room

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The beaches draw people to Florida each year to take in the coastal breezes and enjoy the abundant sunshine. Florida’s weather and friendly atmosphere are what keep people from leaving the Sunshine State, and they want to take advantage of coastal living 24 hours a day. Building a Florida room or sunroom is one way to bring the outdoors inside regardless of the heat.

Convert a Patio to a Sunroom

A sunroom, also called a Florida room, is a living space that is attached to the house and accessible from indoors. It not only brings in more sunshine but also improves the view of your surroundings. A Florida sunroom comes with many options to improve the experience, such as heating and cooling for year-round enjoyment.

Converting a patio to a Florida sunroom makes the most sense as the foundation and the outlining structure is already in place. If you already have a patio enclosure under your roofline, there is a major cost saving when building a Florida room. By using the existing patio you will not have to build an add-on which will help you save money

Two of the main materials we use for windows are clear vinyl windows and glass. They offer strength, insulation and durability and hold up well in Florida’s extreme weather.

Why is Building a Sunroom a Good Idea?

No matter how many windows you have in your home, a Florida room lets in even more sunshine, which illuminates the interior space and reduces the need for lighting during the day.  Florida Sunrooms also provide panoramic views, making you feel like you’re outside without having to deal with direct sunlight and insects. Even if you want to leave the sunroom windows open, our Phifer insect screening improves the airflow while keeping the bugs out.

If you convert a patio to a sunroom, you’ll reduce your maintenance chores throughout the year. The coastal breezes can stir up debris and send it flying onto your porch, and random critters can invade your patio and make a mess of things during the night. With a sunroom, you’ll never have to bring in your patio cushions when it storms or deal with staining and sealing the floor. You can just set up your living space and enjoy it without all the fuss.

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Enhance Your Home With a New Florida Sunroom

If you want to increase your living space and expand your view, let DuLANDO turn your patio into a cozy sunroom. A sunroom adds usable square footage, which translates to increased resale value. You can also design it any way you want and add a hot tub to create a more intimate, relaxing space.

Let us show you how easy it is to transform your patio into a functional room you can enjoy for years. Schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants who will help you visualize your new Florida room. Call us at 407-862-6060 or fill out our online request a quote form.

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