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Using PGT EZE-Breeze Windows for Your Sunroom Instead of Glass

Imagine opening up the house to sunshine and blue skies with a beautiful new Florida room. Picture remodeling and upgrading your existing screened-in porch with new sunroom windows. Now, think about how you can make these home improvement daydreams come true without using glass. It’s a smart, affordable building strategy when your plans include PGT EZE-Breeze windows.

What Are PGT EZE-Breeze Panels?

pgt eze breeze windows

EZE-Breeze panels are vinyl glazed windows that are strong, shatterproof and lightweight. They’re stronger than glass, easy to operate and perfect for any Florida sunroom. EZE-Breeze vinyl windows feature ten mil panels that are remarkably strong. The material is flexible and shatterproof, so it holds up to severe weather. That’s a big plus for homes here on the central Florida Coast.

This type of glazing can easily be configured for more than screen room vinyl windows. It’s perfect for creating open views from floor to ceiling. Vinyl panels also add beauty and safety to cabana doors and garage door enclosures.

How Do They Work?

The panels can be customized for all kinds of screen room installations, but the most popular units are four-track verticals and full-length horizontals. The vertical model features three vinyl-glazed panels that raise or lower over a fourth panel.

A horizontal unit slides left or right to open up half or almost all of a screened area. Neoprene rollers keep the unit maintenance free. It’s simple to remove the vinyl panels from both unit types for quick and easy cleaning.

Video about PGT EZE-Breeze Windows

Why Choose EZE-Breeze Instead of Glass?

Making a decision to use glass or vinyl in your Florida sunroom windows comes down to personal preference. Glass is durable and scratch-resistant, and double-paned glass windows serve as good insulation against the weather. However, affordable PGT EZE-Breeze windows do offer significant advantages over traditional glass windows.

  • Their light weight makes them easy to work with, and that reduces installation time and cost.
  • EZE-Breeze vinyl panels are a budget-friendly choice for both new Florida rooms and remodeling an existing Florida room.
  • The vinyl windows are very tough, simple to clean and virtually maintenance-free.
  • EZE-Breeze windows absorb heavy impacts without breaking and return to their original shape in just minutes.

Design Advantages of EZE-Breeze Windows

Whether you’re building a sunroom from the ground up or enclosing an existing screened in patio, traditional glazing limits your design options. EZE-Breeze panels are a much better choice for custom patios.

  • Fixed vinyl panels can be installed above sliding panels to create dramatic floor-to-ceiling effects.
  • Color options include smoke gray, dark gray, bronze and crystal clear.
  • EZE-Breeze Panels can be custom-ordered and sized to fit any type of sunroom or enclosure project.

We’re Always Happy to Answer Your Questions

If you’ve been thinking about building a Florida sunroom, EZE-Breeze windows might be the choice to make your vision come true. If you’d like to learn more about PGT EZE-Breeze windows, give us a call at 407-862-6060. We’ll schedule an in-home consultation to provide a free estimate. Here at Dulando, we’re always happy to answer your questions.