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Why a Cheap Quote for Patio or Pool Screen Enclosures is not Always the Best Deal

Cheap Quote for Patio or Pool Screen Enclosures

Have you seen those ads for a cheap quote for patio or pool screen enclosures? We sure have!  Here are a few ways you can protect yourself against companies who build patio or pool screen enclosures cheap!

There will always be aluminum screen enclosure companies offering unbelievable deals in the New Smyrna Beach area. Contractors that provide patio or pool screen enclosures can offer great deals, but going with the lowest bidder is not best for your home. Don’t spend money on building an enclosure made of poor quality materials just to save a few bucks. If you see an ad for “cheap quote for patio or pool screen enclosure”, run the other way.  Here are a few other tips to help protect yourself against these contractors.

Make an Informed Choice
Use these tips to weed out poor choices in patio screen contractors. It’s wise to do your homework first and then invest wisely in a company that does quality work the first time.

1. Look for consumer reviews and state licensing information.
ALWAYS check consumer websites and verify if other consumers have had problems with a local contractor. Enter the name of any company in a search engine like Google and verify its existence. All legitimate businesses in this field are registered with Florida’s Division of Business and Professional Regulation. DuLando Screen & Awning, Inc. has been building quality screened pool enclosures in Florida since 1968.

2. Look for proper insurance coverage.
Legitimate businesses carry professional liability insurance and other types of coverage to meet industry standards. A pool enclosure company needs insurance to protect against general liability for work performed by its employees and subcontractors. Look on a screened pool enclosure contractor’s website to identify its insurance information. If you aren’t sure whether a contractor’s insurance is legitimate, call the insurer and verify the coverage. Working with an insured company gives you peace of mind that you’re covered in the event something goes wrong with the contractor’s work.

3. Don’t be rushed into signing a contract.
A quality screen enclosure contractor stands behind its reputation. Their staff will clearly explain the terms of a service contract and the cost of a patio enclosure. The detailed quote should be free. A quality contractor won’t pressure you into signing a contract. Before choosing a patio or pool screen enclosure contractor, see if the service comes without any conditions and meets your scheduling requirements. Take the free quote and compare it to quotes obtained from other patio enclosure companies in the same geographic area.

4. Research the quality of materials and workmanship.
Make sure that all aluminum and screen materials that will be used for your new screen enclosure will not endure Florida’s weather patterns. Verify the types of materials used and how they will stand up to regular amounts of rain, wind, dirt and resist contact from children and pets. Although you cannot expect materials to be hurricane-proof, look for materials and workmanship that will withstand tropical storm winds.

It’s evident that not all pool screen enclosure contractors are the same. Every decent company has a reputation for building enclosures to satisfy customers. Our goal in preparing this list is to help protect you against unsavory contractors.  Read more about pool screen enclosures.

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